The Sippra filter bottle

‘The other issue with the products out there at the moment is that the filter is encased in plastic and you have to throw out the whole thing when it’s used up, increasing the number of plastic in landfill. The only part of the Sippra bottle that needs replacement is the carbon block.’

Gretha Oost

Not your average filter

The unique, patented filtration method is designed to provide a user with instant, free-flowing filtered water. No more filtering as you drink – plunge and filter all at once!

The filter tablet is a HydropalTM Activated Carbon Impregnated Polymer filter. Activated carbon is a highly porous filtering material prepared by exposing organic materials such as coconut shells to high temperatures and steam, creating an enormous surface area for absorption. This is used to filter impurities from potable tap water, like tastes, odours, organic compounds and residual chlorine.

Effective for more than 100 refills (50 litres) before it needs to be replaced.


Keep it clean

Filter bottles that use the traditional drink bottle spout can be difficult to clean. Bacterial and fungal growth in the components can lead to bad tastes, odours and the risk of illness.

Sippra’s wide mouth spout allows water to flow easily, reducing the build up of bacteria. The canister is dishwasher safe, so can be regularly and easily cleaned. A handy cap keeps the bottle mouth clean while not in use.

Our bottle is BPA-free.



Volume: 500ml (17 ounces)

Height: 22.5cm (8.9 inches)

Diameter: 72mm (2.8 inches)

One filter = 75 to 100 refills (50 litres)

Durable BPA-free copolyester

Dishwasher safe canister


Recognition of 321 Water and the Sippra bottle has included

Listed as number 3 in Monument Magazine’s 20 most influential Australian designs from the past 20 years 2013

Reviewed positively by Yanko Design 2013

Appearance in the film The Hunger Games 2012

Finalist in the Australian International Design Awards 2011

Winner of the ABC TV show The New Inventors’ People’s Choice Award 2010

Winner of Anthill’s SMART 100 2011


Sippra has appeared in the following magazines

Marie Claire 2015

Home Ideas magazine 2012

Jetstar magazine 2012

Qantas magazine 2012, 2010

Australian Traveller magazine 2011

The Weekly Review 2011, 2010

Home Beautiful magazine 2010


What have people said about Sippra?

‘Do yourself a favour and indulge in 321 Water, a streamlined, beautifully designed portable water bottle. It has an ingenious filtering system that works in a jiffy.’

Dhav Naidu, The Weekly Review


‘[Sippra], a slick, refillable bottle that filters tap-water, is set to change our rehydration habits.’

Deborah Tarrant, Qantas magazine


‘The difference in taste, or rather the lack of taste, be it tap, or pipe or other metallic flavours, is noticeable … the crystalline blue filter system is a triumph of form as well as function.’

Andrew McUtchen, The Weekly Review


‘Both visually appealing and practical for the mainstream, style-savvy consumer.’

The New Inventors panel of judges


‘321 Water comes in a beautifully designed re-usable water bottle with a distinctive French-press filter system.’

Peter Switzer, Lexus magazine


‘The result is tasteless and odourless filtered tap water that all but took 20 seconds to fill and filter – not to mention how utterly cool it looks. … if you prefer to drink normally as opposed to sucking the water through a filter, then you’ll want the 321 Water bottle.’

Long Tran, Yanko Design


Purchase a Sippra bottle for $15, then pay only $7.50–$12 per month, depending on the Filters By Mail plan chosen. This includes free shipping.

Having an ongoing Filters By Mail plan means a user will never be without filters for their Sippra bottle. Plus there’s no lock-in contract, so they can change or pause their Filters By Mail plan anytime.


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